Winter is in full swing!
Posted on: 4. 5. 2019, by :

It looks like we finally saw the "Ladovy snow-covered landscape" and perhaps this year will be a white Christmas. The kids brushed the sledge and cheated on a big "bobsled." It freezes until it's roasted, so warm clothes are the basis. They must be properly dressed not only by the smallest, but also by moms and tals.
 Hats, scarves and gloves
Layering on cold days is the basis. T-shirt, sweater and coat. Women have a choice of several types of women's jackets. One of the innovations and the constant that keeps on the market is the so-called. Parka. This can be tastefully combined with both elegant and sporty outfits. Another of the novelties is a wrap coat. It reminds you to tie a bathrobe, so you'll feel like a pet when wearing it. Do you like skiing? Even sports or feather jackets are still popular and warm.<" style="width: 640px; height: 640px;" />