Month: May 2019

Premium Furniture

Are you constantly thinking about investing your money in the Prague built-in cabinets? If this modern, tailor-made furniture attracts you more and more, do not defend yourself. You will not regret absolutely, this furniture is a real miracle. Thanks to its tailored dimensions, it will come to your interior. It won't occupy too much space, which you will surely appreciate for practical reasons. However, it also gives you plenty of room to store all of your stuff that would not have any space otherwise.
Professional approach
We approach the production of built-in cabinets in Prague in a truly responsible, reliable and conscientiously. All the pieces are produced using the most modern methods, you can look forward to results that will be simply grandiose and famoso.

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Do you have a person to lean on in adversity

Everyone likes to be pressed in his life when he is worst, to a second being, who will be fully understood. Our companions are pets who are the best friends at the time of mourners, but also of joy. For these beings, we have a responsibility. We need to create such an allergic reaction with us. It is essential that we give the allergen a red, and protect your household well.
Protection Number One
We are an established company operating in the market with the sale of the Pilsen floating floors, which are safe for all family members. They are very suitable for daily household cleaning. Easy to keep clean.

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Check, according to your tastes

Check the ticket yourself and don't go to the terminals every time you want to know if you're happy. You are only allowed to join us in such an excellent overview that you will like and pay you. Just with the winning numbers in the sport, which are online and free, you know everything immediately. It's a simple check you'll like.
Help yourself with cleverly
So how can you help and save your steps on the terminals? Simple, convenient, modern and very clear. With our online winning numbers in Sportce, you immediately know whether you are the lucky ones or not. It's such a great overview you'll love soon. So take advantage of our amazing and very advantageous offer and make your ticket checks yourself and comfortably. It pays for you.

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Bed linen

You browse the shops and look for baby bedding. If you discover some nice, there are only a few. But you need fifty kits. What about this?
Don't worry about it. Have you tried internet sales? Companies selling baby bedding are countless. Look for the right one that suits you the most and will give you high quality and tasteful goods in the necessary amount.
Delivery will be fast and you'll save more
Offers for nursery schools are no exception, there are several on the market. In addition, you may be satisfied with free import, quantity discount or discounted prices. Choose a pleasant material for children with nice pictures to get a good spin in the nursery. You buy new bedding and the satisfaction will be completely on all sides.

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From our catalogues you will surely choose all

The simple way to buy the best shop furniture and equipment is our site and our catalogues. For example, start with a catalogue of workshop desks, where we have prepared a wide range of tables needed for both professionals and DIY.

The workshop tables that we offer are made of quality materials and their surface finish guarantees a long life and stressed worktops. The workshop tables can be reached by us for 2897 CZK. With free shipping, you can save costs that other businesses do not charge meaningfully.
Table Types

From our catalogues you will surely choose everyone, because we are available in our workshop desks for professionals, such as tables GL1000 or BL1000, tables for heavy company operations such as assembly, packing tables, but also Hobby tables.

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LED Spotlights as powerful lighting

Looking for a light that you could use both indoors and outdoors, without much consumption? But if you have high performance, then it will be wise to invest in modern technologies. You can really surprise you, especially in the sense of all the qualities you could observe in the light. If you do not think it is possible to connect LED spotlights with low power consumption, then you are very mistaken. These light sources are now very popular. It offers minimal consumption, which is indeed interesting due to the performance offered. So let yourself be guided by modern technologies to help you.
Getting started as soon as possible pays off
If you would appreciate an element that could really illuminate your household, or you need powerful lighting for your work, then you can look forward to the fact that there is a choice that really pleases you. To achieve a hundred percent satisfaction, however, it is necessary to make sure that the products you select actually fulfill what you require.

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Our moderators have a sense of humor

You switch at home, in the car or at work one radio channel after another, and you can't choose your favorite to improve your mood at every opportunity. Then we finally have a simple solution for you. It is our long years of admired Radio Impuls, which you can now listen to online via the Internet.
The ideal way to freshle up and make your day more enjoyable. The Impuls radio will charge you with energy and get rid of all the past chmurs, it will help you to forget about everyday worries and at least a moment to turn off the worries. You'll have a smile again on your face, which you can also pass on with us.
Regular dose of energy
You can only enjoy your moment with us and forget about unpleasant things. Radio Impuls is here for you every day with the best team of workers under the sun.

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Winter is in full swing!

It looks like we finally saw the "Ladovy snow-covered landscape" and perhaps this year will be a white Christmas. The kids brushed the sledge and cheated on a big "bobsled." It freezes until it's roasted, so warm clothes are the basis. They must be properly dressed not only by the smallest, but also by moms and tals.
 Hats, scarves and gloves
Layering on cold days is the basis. T-shirt, sweater and coat. Women have a choice of several types of women's jackets. One of the innovations and the constant that keeps on the market is the so-called. Parka. This can be tastefully combined with both elegant and sporty outfits. Another of the novelties is a wrap coat. It reminds you to tie a bathrobe, so you'll feel like a pet when wearing it. Do you like skiing? Even sports or feather jackets are still popular and warm.

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Beautiful Nature in our country

Do you belong to lovers of mountain tourism? Do you like to move around in healthy air? Then we recommend accommodation in Jeseníi. At an affordable price we offer free rooms in beautiful nature protected landscape area near Praděd. The surrounding area offers a wide range of activities such as hiking on designated routes, biking, and, of course, downhill and cross-country skiing in winter.
Residence packages for all
We realize that nowadays more and more people are using the offer of residential packages, so we have prepared them for you as well. Everyone will come to our own. We have prepared accommodation for lovers with surprises in the room, women's rides, sports and wellness weekends. We also do not forget families with children. Even the smallest time we spend with us.

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Excellent material and great composition

A rich assortment of leading Italian fashion es, these are luxury T-shirts that offer reliable, customers verified company, which is a direct manufacturer of this outfit and therefore try to get feedback from customers to improve their products and thus increase the number of satisfied customers.
One of the many advantages of a comfortable offer, is definitely a great execution of every piece of clothing, further amazing cuts and last but not least, quality materials. Luxury T-shirts bought in our shop, whether Internet or stone, will become the jewel of your wardrobe. The modern design of colors and prints guarantees uniqueness and originality.

Sunny Italy
Every piece of clothing-luxury T-shirts, which you will find on our boutique under this prestigious Italian brand, is produced from designs to final realization, in sunny Italy, therefore, can proudly wear the sign made in Italy.

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