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Over the last few years 3gun/Multigun competition has rapidly become one of the more popular practical shooting sports. There is plenty of good information available in various places on the web, but there really is no one place to go where a whole lot of info can be found. The goal of 3gunrules.com is to change that. We believe that the 3gun/Multigun community needs a resource where enough information exists in one place to properly inform the newcomer trying to figure out how to do this for the first time and to assist the experienced competitor just wanting some info about an upcoming match.

There are a number of flavors available in 3gun, or Multigun competition and each has it’s different rules and scoring methods. The gear requirements are variable among the different matches, but with proper planning, a basic kit can be assembled that will cover all types of competition and allow the competitor to participate across the board with the same gear.

USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) and IMGA (International Multi Gun Association) are the two most prevalent rule and scoring structures in use and even though both are just a little bit different in some areas, the end result is the same, three times as much fun as pistol, rifle, or shotgun shooting alone.

This site is flavored towards the North American variant of 3gun/Multigun competition and some of the information here may therefore be in conflict with World IPSC rules and procedures. For the most part the rules and equipment requirements are the same, or similar, but there are enough differences that we chose to focus on the USPSA and IMG practices in use in the USA. For more information on these differences, please visit the World IPSC website.

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